About Cirque Cadia

inspiring specialty entertainment based in Seattle, Bellingham, & Beyond

Cirque Cadia is a troupe of circus artists, vaudeville entertainers, clowns, variety performers, character actors, experience designers, and creatives – all driven by an insatiable need to share their passions and galvanize soul-bursting ‘wow’ moments.

Founded by Natale Luma in 2017, Cirque Cadia brings together her love of circus arts, theater, costuming, dramatic spectacle, creative collaboration, and the whimsical characters that frequent her daydreams – all influenced by the magic and beauty of the Cascadia bioregion.

With 20+ years of experience in stage and event production, a community of highly talented and passionate experience creators, and a dedication to fostering a thriving performance ecosystem in the Pacific Northwest, Cirque Cadia exists to ignite and inspire.